Wealthy Wyoming: Teton tops treasure list, almost Wyoming Flag of Wyoming Buckrail - Jackson Hole, news

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Depending on how exactly it’s quantified, qualified, and quoted, Teton County is right there somewhere at the top of the list of wealthiest counties in America. Always.

New data released by the IRS this month pegged Teton County, Wyoming as the second-richest county in the US. So, step off, New York County (Manhattan), Fairfield County (Connecticut), and Marin County (California)—Teton’s treasure chest beats you all. By the way, it was McMullen County, Texas pulling the surprise upset at number one richest.

On mainly the strength of Teton County, the state of Wyoming ranked 6th in a list of where the highest income earners reside. This for the least populated state.

Bloomberg analyzed the new data and computed that, on a state level, Wyoming came in No. 3 in a list of highest average interest income per federal taxpayer behind only New York and Connecticut.