Virg sold, new owners vow little change

JACKSON, Wyo. — Sale of on an iconic piece of commercial real estate that once (and probably still does) anchored west Jackson is nearing the finish line. The Virginian has been sold to Orion Companies.

The deal is expected to be finalized next month. Terms of the sale were not disclosed but the property was listed with Prugh Real Estate at $60 million.

The Virginian Lodge and attached RV Park have remained in the hands of the Napierskie family since they opened the historic lodge in 1965.

The 13-acre property includes 7.8 acres of street frontage on Broadway with a detached restaurant, saloon and convention space, rentable boutique shop spaces, and a grandfathered neon sign. The 5.15-acre portion in back includes a popular RV park—the only of its kind in town. It’s unlikely the RV park will remain for long given pressures to develop, but new owners say they have no big immediate plans to change much.

“Orion Companies, in partnership with Waterton, is honored to carry on the legacy of the Virginian Lodge. We are committed to respecting the heritage of the property with plans for a remodel while maintaining the unique character of the iconic brand,” said Robert Huggins, president/CEO of Orion. “The Virginian represents an opportunity to build upon Orion’s track record of maintaining continuity of management and keeping locals employed when a business is sold as part of a generational shift in ownership. The Orion principals are locals who believe in the long-term prospects of the valley and providing employment opportunities for area residents.”

Orion is busy now crossing T’s and dotting I’s. Representatives successfully transferred the retail liquor license Monday at a meeting of the town council. The license allows for the sale and onsite consumption of beer, wine and spirits at the Saloon, package store and drive-through, and convention area. Orion also plans to open poolside bar service.

“We’re excited by the plans Orion and Waterton have for the property, which is to continue our family’s legacy by maintaining the property much as it’s always been,” Glenn P. Napierskie II stated in a letter to the mayor and town council.

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