US Senators from Wyoming top the approval rating list

WYOMING – It’s not been a great year for federal lawmakers. Approval ratings for Congress are at historical low levels and, as noted not long ago, Wyoming’s senators are not immune to the public’s wrath.

Top 10 US Senators by approval rating (Morning Consult)

However, a Morning Consult ranking done in the 4th quarter of 2017 found that Wyoming’s senators are two of the more appreciated lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

In its assessment of “America’s Most and Least Popular Senators,” Morning Consult listed Senator Mike Enzi (62%) as the No. 3 ranked senator as far as approval rating, behind only Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont and Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii. Sen. John Barrasso (61%) was not far behind at No. 5. In fact, the two US Senators from Wyoming were the top-ranked Republicans on the list.

While most every vulnerable senator (11 of 12 up for re-election in 2018) saw their net approval ratings drop markedly, Enzi and Barrasso fared quite well in this poll.

Congressional Job Approval (Gallup)
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