Trump pulls US out of Iranian nuke deal – Barrasso, Cheney agree

WYOMING – President Donald Trump announced today that the US is withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal in keeping with a campaign promise. Trump also said he was reinstating the highest-level economic sanctions on Iran as well.

The news was well received by US Senator John Barrasso, R-WY, who called it a bad deal.

“I strongly support the President’s decision to withdraw from the flawed Iran deal,” Barrasso wrote in a prepared statement. “Strategic patience with Iran has failed. Iran has continued to terrorize and threaten its neighbors. It’s time we ended this bad deal. America must stop rewarding terrorist regimes with legitimacy and cash.”

Rep. Liz Cheney also issued a statement in agreement with Trump’s decision.

“I strongly support President Trump’s courageous decision to withdraw from the dangerous Iranian nuclear deal. Rather than prevent an Iranian nuclear weapon, the Obama Iran deal paved the way for such a weapon,” Cheney said. “It failed to include anywhere/anytime inspections. It failed to allow any inspections of Iranian military facilities. It failed to include a complete declaration of Iran’s past nuclear activities. It allowed Iran to continue to enrich uranium. It allowed Iran to continue its ballistic missile program. The deal was one of the most dangerous agreements the United States has ever entered into and President Trump was right to withdraw and announce the reimposition of sanctions on the world’s leading state sponsor of terror.”

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