Town and county ice rinks closed today, Dec. 21, Update: Rinks closed Dec. 22.

Update Dec. 22, 10:30: The town and county announced the continued closure of the rinks for today, Dec. 22. Teton County/Jackson Parks and Recreation staff will continue to monitor conditions and will open the ice rinks as soon as conditions permit.

JACKSON, Wyo. — Ice rinks in Jackson and Teton County will be closed today, Monday, Dec. 21, due to warm temperatures. Jackson Parks and Recreation Department manages the ice rinks.

The warm overnight and daytime temperatures have created very soft conditions at both Owen Bircher and the Fairgrounds. Staff will be posting closure signs and shutting off entrances for the remainder of the day and lights will not be turned on this evening.

Temperatures are forecast to cool off throughout the remainder of the week. The Parks and Recreation Department anticipates having the rinks back up tomorrow, Tuesday, Dec. 22.

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