They’re here: State parks in Wyoming full for 4th

JACKSON, Wyo. — Tourism is certainly picking up in Wyoming. Evidence that travelers are still looking to get away this holiday weekend can easily be found with a glance at the state’s camping reservation system — currently overwhelmed with demand.

High demand for outdoor recreation has every state park at capacity for the Fourth of July weekend. But authorities say even though campsite reservations throughout the state park system are sold out, the public is welcome to come out for the day, enjoy a picnic, get on a lake, and just recreate.

These state parks — Boysen, Buffalo Bill, Curt Gowdy, Glendo, Guernsey, Keyhole, Medicine Lodge, Seminoe, and Sinks Canyon— currently have no campsites available for this holiday weekend. Hawk Springs remains first-come, first-serve and is at capacity also.

“With the 4th landing on a Saturday, we expected our camping system to be full,” says deputy director Nick Neylon said. “The team has been working hard to get facilities ready for our visitors.”

Keep in mind, Glendo and Guernsey both have campfire restrictions. Propane grills and stoves and charcoal grills can still be used to prepare popular camping dishes and provide adequate warmth. These grills must have covers/lids and be within an arm’s length when lit. A variety of other imaginative ideas can help preserve the camping experience such as solar lights in the firepit.

Recreationists are reminded that use or even possession of fireworks is prohibited at all Wyoming State Parks.

“Having full state parks is a great problem to have, however, it can come with challenges, especially during this pandemic,” reminds director Darin Westby, “We implore that you help us keep the parks open by recreating responsibly as requested in our rules and the guidelines and protocols issued by the State Health Officer and the CDC.”

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