The worst drivers in the country are in this state…

WYOMING – Wyoming drivers will tell you they can’t drive to save their lives down in Utah. Ask Coloradans and they’ll likely complain about Texas. Back east, Massachusetts motorists catch a lot of grief for their driving habits according to New Yorkers. Right back at ya if you quiz Red Sox fans.

Finding consensus on the state with the worst drivers isn’t easy but it won’t stop Buckrail from trying. uses data compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) including fatalities rate, failure to obey (fatal crashes at traffic signals, not wearing seat belts, and driving with an invalid driver’s license), drunk driving, speeding, and careless driving.

According to their methodology, the suckiest drivers are in Texas and Louisiana (tie for worst). Montana is in the top ten. Wyoming finished 13th overall bad, driven mainly by the state’s #2 rank for fatalities. The safest drivers were found in Vermont.

But wait, Zendrive called Vermont drivers the most distracted in the nation. Its data science team looked at cell phone use and driving. Western states fared well. Oregon had the least distracted drivers, followed by Washington, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming.

SmartAsset’s new rankings are out for 2017, and the takeaway there is motorists might want to avoid the southeast. Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee all made the Top 10 worst. Vermont and Texas also ranked in the Top 10 lousiest drivers, with Nevada the only state out west making an appearance in the Top 10.

QuoteWizard paired incident data from its users with state fatality information from the Federal Highway Administration (FHA) to derive its crummiest motorists. Colorado came in at 8th worst, California at #2. And the worst drivers in the Union? Here we go, Wyomingites, in unison: Utah.

According to QuoteWizard research, Utah is second in rankings for both accidents and speeding, as well as fourth worst for minor citations. And, surprisingly, for a state known for its non-drinking populace, Utah made the top 10 for DUIs, coming in at number nine.

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