Teton Tutors Seeks Hobbyists and Students for Summer Clinics

Teton Tutors is expanding to help with the summer camp demand and offer weeklong summer clinics. They pair local hobbyists who are willing to offer clinics with interested students and parents seeking summer opportunities for their children.

“When I did research into the types of after school and summer programs that were offered in the valley, I noticed that no one was offering alternative programs. I had seen first-hand students who wanted a unique way to interact with their friends that went beyond the traditional sports and outdoor offerings in the valley,” said Austen who was inspired by his students’ desire for more non-sports related clubs.

Since the spring, Teton Tutors has been offering after school clubs in Dungeons and Dragons and Coding with Minecraft. They have recently expanded to offer skateboarding, Dungeons and Dragons, and comic book creation as summer courses, and they’ve recently partnered with GAIN to offer a summer digital music clinic.

“This is the one after-school activity I like going to. This is the best camp ever,” said Vaughn Gillingwators, 10, a member of both the coding and Dungeons and Dragons clubs.

If you are interested in offering a weeklong clinic or signing your child up for a club, e-mail [email protected] or visit TetonTutors.org for more info.

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