Teton Pines approved for new lap pool and ‘activity barn’

WILSON, Wyo. — The Board of County Commissioners unanimously approved the Teton Pines plans to update their facilities within their commercial area, including a new lap pool and “activity barn,” during their meeting on April 4. 

The proposed project includes renovations to the existing pool and tennis court area, including a new lap pool and hot tub and a new two-story 7,490 square foot “activity barn.” The new pool will provide guests with the opportunity to swim laps, while the activity barn will increase the amenities offered with plans for a cafe, a bar, locker rooms, and laundry services. 

Amy Bickley, Assistant General Manager & Director of Membership at Teton Pines Country Club said, “The new layout will provide lap swimming and separate adult and family spaces, and allow our members that live in reside on the Westbank to swim laps without having to drive through town and won’t contribute to traffic trying to get to the rec center.” 

Originally the two existing tennis courts were going to become paddle tennis courts, for activities like pickleball, along with a warming hut. Teton Pines removed that aspect of the project from the proposal on April 30, following feedback from nearby condominium tenants concerned with noise and lighting impacts. The existing tennis courts will still be removed and will become an extension of the lawn area. 

The tennis/pickleball courts covered with the red “X” are being removed from the project plan. The area will become an extension of the “activity lawn.” Photo: Teton County Planning & Development.

By removing the paddle courts from the project, Teton Pines will avoid having to prepare a noise mitigation plan or deal with complex lighting regulations. Residents in the area shared their concerns about the paddle courts via email to Teton Pines membership and to Teton County Senior Planner, Chandler Windom, who worked on the project on behalf of the county and presented the project to the Board of County Commissioners on Tuedsay.

Condominiums are located between 60 and 200 feet from the proposed paddle courts. The Teton Pines Condominium Association did not support the paddle court aspect of the project. 

The President of the Teton Pines Condominium Association Board of Directors said in a letter, “We believe that should this development proceed as planned, the Teton Pines Condominiums real estate values will be impaired and our resident’s quality of life will be negatively impacted.” 

George Putnam of Cirque Consulting, who represents Teton Pines, explained the decision to do away with the paddle courts during the meeting on Tuesday, “Teton Pines is going to look more holistically at their racquet sports complex and envision some future application that will revisit and contemplate the tennis courts entirely.”

The new pool will provide guests with the opportunity to swim laps, while the activity barn will increase the amenities offered at the facility with a cafe, a bar, locker rooms, and laundry services. 

The applicant is proposing to pay a fee in lieu to avoid having to build affordable employee housing. The required affordable housing is estimated to be about .586 units. Teton Pines will pay an estimated $120,000 fee in lieu, prior to the issuance of a building permit, per the Board of County Commissioner’s motion. 

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