Teton Conservation District and Friend of Fish Creek partner to promote clean water

JACKSON, WY — As development in Jackson Hole continues to increase, so too does the risk of water contamination from septic systems.

To help mitigate some of those effects, Teton Conservation District and Friends of Fish Creek are partnering to offer Teton County Residents a rebate for pumping septic systems which have not been maintained for the last five years. Enrollment for this rebate ends June 1.

Many homeowners don’t realize that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends septic systems be pumped every three to five years. Failure to maintain septic systems increases the risk of E. coli and nutrient issues in local streams and groundwater. Failing to maintain a septic system can also be messy and expensive to deal with, not to mention a human and environmental hazard.

Abundant algae growth on a cobble from Fish Creek, which can indicate excessive nutrient concentrations in streams.

But Teton Conservation District and Friends of Fish Creek are committed to raising awareness and helping protect water quality in Jackson Hole. Friends of Fish Creek is generously funding reimbursements of systems in the Fish Creek Watershed and the Teton Conservation District is funding reimbursements for the remainder of Teton County.

The program provides a 50 percent reimbursement, up to $150, for septic system plumbing in Teton County, WY. The campaign has already been met with enthusiasm from county residents. Reimbursement is being offered on a first come, first serve basis with the enrollment period ending June 1st, 2018. Reimbursement requests will be accepted until June 15th, 2018. Reimbursement approval is at the discretion of the Teton Conservation District Board of Supervisors. Reimbursement will only be provided once per property. Reimbursement will occur by mail, in the form of a check. Follow the instructions online to learn how to enroll and be reimbursed for your septic system pumping. Please call or stop by the Teton Conservation District office with questions: (307) 733-2110, 420 W. Pearl Ave, Jackson, Wyoming, 83001.

If you want to learn more about septic system operation and problems, visit the EPA website. Teton Conservation District and Friends of Fish Creek urge Teton County homeowners to take advantage of this opportunity to maintain their septic systems at a lower cost. Enroll now at JHCleanWater.org/septic.

Mission Statements:
Teton Conservation District aims to promote conservation and management of natural resources — air, land, water, vegetation, and wildlife — through watershed-based research, education, conservation practices, cooperative projects, and on-the-ground actions to ensure the health, safety and general welfare of the people and resources of this area. Learn more at: http://www.tetonconservation.org/

Friends of Fish Creek is a local, non-profit organization with a mission to protect the Upper Snake River watershed by improving and restoring water quality in Fish Creek through science-based research, community involvement, volunteer leadership, cost-effective solutions, and collaborative problem-solving. Learn more at: http://fishcreekfriends.org/


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