Talking wildfire mitigation in Victor Monday

TETON VALLEY, IDA – The City of Victor is hosting a public open house tomorrow to get feedback from the Teton Valley community about expanding fuels reduction operations beyond Smith and Pole canyons on Forest Service lands.

The Southern Valley Fuels Reduction open house will take place Monday, December 4, in partnership with the US Forest Service, Teton County Fire & Rescue, and Teton County, Idaho. It is scheduled for 6pm in the Council Chambers of Victor City Hall located at 32 Elm Street. Citizens are encouraged to attend the open house to learn about and provide input on fuels reduction opportunities in the southern area of Teton Valley.

The USFS is interested in continuing and potentially expanding the work completed in the Smith Canyon and Pole Canyon fuels reduction projects but needs citizen feedback to move forward.

District ranger Jay Pence said, “The 2016 Tie Fire brought close to home the reality that our community can be impacted by wildfires. An effective fuels reduction program is instrumental in reducing the risk of wildfire negatively affecting private property, homes and critical infrastructure like the Bonneville powerline for our community, while increasing firefighter and public safety and the effectiveness of fire suppression operations. But, first, we need to hear from the community to be effective in balancing what we love about our forest with the need to shelter our community.”

Additionally, a Hazard Fuels Reduction grant of $240,000 has been awarded to the Teton County Fire Protection District by the Idaho Department of State Lands. The purpose of the grant is to mitigate and reduce the threat and damages of wildfire on private property adjacent to Forest land.

Can’t attend. Join in online. Submit completed questionnaires to Jim Robertson of the US Forest Service at [email protected]

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