SNAPPED: Another moose falls victim on Village Road

JACKSON, Wyo. — Buckrail recently received a photo of a moose that was hit and killed on the Village Road this past weekend.

Every year, multiple moose are hit and struck on Highway 390, also known as Moose-Wilson or the Village Road. Unfortunately, a lot of moose that are hit are either killed on impact or required to be euthanized from injuries.

The speed limit goes down to 35 mph every night on the road specifically for this reason. Drivers should respect the lowered speed limit, and always use their brights when there is no oncoming traffic.

Moose have very dark colors, making it easy to not see the animals despite their massive size. Drivers will also notice moose silhouettes along the road, designed to make drivers look twice and become extra aware of potential wildlife that frequents the road.

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