Saturday up in flames, weekend otherwise quiet

JACKSON, WY — Saturday was a busy day for Jackson Fire/EMS.

Fire Marshall Kathy Clay says she started her day responding to a residential fire at 7:30 Saturday morning. A couple of hours later at around 11 a.m., an artist working with a blow torch started a small fire at the Center for the Arts. Attempts to extinguish the torch accidentally hit the gas line and made the fire bigger. Clay says there was some property damage to an overhead door and, of course, the torch, but otherwise no significant damage and no injuries.

And then, of course, there was the vehicle fire on Teton Pass. A truck towing a horse trailer went up in flames and closed the pass for about an hour. There were no reported injuries to humans or horses.

Photo: Buckrail

So Saturday morning was busy, Clay says. But the rest of the weekend was surprisingly calm. Still, Clay says Fire/EMS is preparing for a long holiday weekend. Remember: fireworks are still illegal in Teton County and the Town of Jackson. So are open fires, unless they meet “very specific” parameters. So, no backyard bonfires. But the biggest risk, Clay says, is going to be on county highways. Watch out for motorcycles, wildlife, and other vehicles. Be sure to wear seat belts and use car seats when necessary. Basically, “be very alert on the highways.”


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