JACKSON, Wyo. — “Your workout is only as good as your ability to recover from it.” – unknown

Photo: Pursue

Rest & recovery are two words that most of us living in Jackson Hole struggle to put into practice. “Go hard or go home” seems to be the modus operandi, especially during the summer months when we feel the urgency to check everything off our adventure bucket list before the snow flies. At Pursue JH, Jackson’s first and only comprehensive fitness studio, the approach towards optimal athletic performance is not about going hard, it’s about finding BALANCE.

The trainers at Pursue know that fitness is a journey, and in order to ensure continuous progress, rest and recovery are just as important as each training session and athletic venture. So what happens during rest and recovery? Well, it’s the time in which the body can adapt to the stress of exercise, replenish its energy stores, and repair any damaged tissues. Muscle tissue breakdown occurs from high-intensity training, and sufficient rest, recovery, and intake of nutrient-dense foods enable the body to heal. Without appropriate recovery, our bodies will continue to break down from intensive exercise and symptoms of overtraining can occur. These symptoms usually arise when an imbalance in training, rest, and nutrition occurs and can include:

  1. Lack of motivation to train or really perform any physical activity.
  2. Excessive muscle soreness beyond 1-2 days and far more painful.
  3. Loss of “grip” strength.
  4. Restlessness and inability to focus as the sympathetic nervous system has gone into overdrive.
  5. A general feeling of sluggishness as a result of decreased testosterone and increased cortisol levels.
  6. Chronic and prolonged soreness in joints, bones, and limbs.
  7. A weakened immune system, making you more susceptible to colds and illnesses.

Once overtraining sets in it can take days, weeks, or even months to recover completely as our nervous systems have essentially short-circuited. To avoid this scenario, it is crucial to not only schedule rest and active recovery days into your training but to prioritize quality sleep and nutrition, take active steps to reduce external stress factors, and adjust training by monitoring intensity and volume.

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, the team at Pursue JH wants to help! If you look at their robust training schedule, you’ll notice that sprinkled between the higher intensity conditioning, cycle, megaformer, and boxing classes, they have ample restorative yoga classes to help your body recalibrate and recover. Non-impact activities like yoga are considered “active-recovery” and can help rejuvenate your body and flush out toxins.

The yoga classes at Pursue JH are centered around breath and linking breath to movement. The simple act of just breathing, intentionally, can actually decrease your blood pressure and prepare your body and mind for a rest and recovery state. Flushing your tissues with oxygenated blood – mimicking the pumping of the heart – is one of the very best things you can do for sore, tired muscles. A yoga class allows you to clear away metabolic byproducts that accumulate during hard exercise and shuttle nutrients into damaged tissues that speed up the healing process.

Yoga is also a reliable stress-buster, so you’ll leave feeling calmer. This calm state allows your nervous system to focus on restoring itself to a muscle-growing, tissue-healing parasympathetic state of rest and digest. Studies have found that yoga practitioners rebound more quickly from stress, not just emotionally, but metabolically and psychologically – and enjoy lower stress levels overall than non-practitioners.

Less stress, sleeping better, improved athletic performance, faster recovery…could yoga at Pursue JH be the missing link that allows us to redefine fitness into whole-body wellness? With classes such as Heated Restorative Flow, Warm Dynamic Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, and Heated Slow Flow, just saying the class names washes a sense of calm over our bodies and minds! We can’t wait to check them out and you should too!

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