JACKSON, Wyo. — A recent interaction between an unleashed dog and a herd of mule deer on Snow King depicts the added stress wildlife faces during the winter.

In a video, captured by Josh Metten, local photographer and naturalist, a small herd of wintering mule deer are chased up Snow King by a barking dog.

According to Snow King Mountain, dogs are allowed at Snow King and are subject to Teton County Dog Laws – they must be leashed or under strict voice control at all times.

Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation’s website explains that “deep snow, cold temperatures, and a lack of food make winter a stressful time for wildlife. Large ungulates such as elk, mule deer, moose, and bighorn sheep rely on wind-swept south facing hillsides for winter food.” Winter is a stressful time for wildlife and expending unnecessary calories due to human-caused interactions puts these animals at risk of surviving the long winter.

It is important to minimize human-caused disturbances within wildlife habitats and adhere to winter wildlife closures.  This map, posted by Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation shows winter habitat closures.

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