Report: Jackson Hole Airport load factor rose 26 percent from May to June

JACKSON, Wyo. — According to the Jackson Hole Airport June activity reports, the total load factor for Jackson has gone from 20.88% in May to 47.24% in June, rising over a 26%.

A load factor is an indicator that measures the percentage of available seating capacity that is filled with passengers.

These numbers show that Jackson Hole visitors are slowly becoming less shy and cautious with airline travel into the valley. In April, the load factor was just 6.10%.

There were also 67 more flights that took place in June than in May, as airlines are starting to adapt and offer more flights in light of the COVID pandemic.

Only select flights from Skywest and Delta were available in April and 481 out of 7,880 seats were occupied.

Airlines that have reported a zero load factor for the month of June include Frontier and Delta along with some plane models that are operated by United.

In June, 9,601 out of 20,324 seats were occupied.

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