Public Safety Telecommunicators Week: Sublette County loves its dispatchers

SUBLETE COUNTY, WYO – Emergency first responders are only as good as the information they get, and those information providers are crucial to law enforcement and critical care providers. They are on the front lines and they are recognized this week as part of National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week

Four emergency dispatchers in Sublette County were recognized as outstanding.

  • Jessica Morrison, with an EMD Compliance Score of 95.22%.
  • Celeste Grossman, with an EMD Compliance Score of 96.04%.
  • Amberlynn Porterfield, with an EMD Compliance Score of 97.20%.
  • Sarah Turner, received the Outstanding Achievement Award last year for a score of 99.25% in 2016. This year Sarah is receiving the Certificate of Excellence award for an outstanding EMD Compliance Score of 99.60% for 2017.

In 2015, communications implemented EMD (Emergency Medical Dispatch). All Sublette County Dispatchers have been working diligently to learn the ins and outs of the program and become proficient with each protocol.

The International Academy of Emergency Dispatch requires an agency’s overall average score to be 95% or greater for six consecutive months to become an accredited agency of excellence. For the year of 2017 Sublette was at 93.73%.

“We are very proud of all our Dispatchers, as they are all dedicated and have been working hard towards our goal of accreditation status,” said administrative Sergeant Travis Bingham, Public Information Officer for the Sublette County Sheriff’s Office. “Although our agency as a whole has not yet reach the required accreditation status, we do have four individual dispatchers that have an individual overall average score of 95% or greater for the year of 2017.”

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