JACKSON, Wyo. — Since the approval of SPET item #6 in 2010, Energy Conservation Works (ECW) has been hard at work facilitating energy-saving projects in public buildings around our community. With the support and collaboration of the Town, County, and Lower Valley Energy, nearly $3.79 million has been successfully invested. Originally advertising as “the SPET that pays you back,” these projects reduce energy use and save taxpayers money. The upcoming ECW SPET #11 would fund similar projects. 

If you live in Teton County, chances are high that you have interacted with some of these energy efficiency projects and didn’t even know it. Some of the major investments included funding the shared solar array and mixer upgrades at the Town of Jackson Waste Water Treatment Plant, START Bikes, and high-efficiency lighting upgrades at Snow King Ice Rink & Ski Hill, the Airport, Teton County ISWR, and the Rec Center. See the map below for more information on a selection of the nearly 60 projects the 2010 Energy SPET funded.

In addition to saving around $194,000 a year, these projects go a long way towards helping the Town meet its Net-Zero 2030 Resolution by reducing emissions. Furthermore, these funds allowed ECW to leverage $1.75 million in matching funds from local, State, and Federal sources. When you consider that around .50 cents of every SPET dollar comes from visitors, we are receiving millions of dollars in energy upgrades from outside our community. 

If passed, ECW’s 2022 SPET #11 will provide $5 million for qualifying community projects including one similar to the 2010 projects – but with a broader scope. These projects include community solar, clean transportation infrastructure, and community energy efficiency projects. This initiative would create a dedicated funding source to pursue opportunities as they arise, and allow the community to take advantage of unprecedented federal funding that often requires a local match. These projects all have a return on investment – it’s estimated energy saved through efficiency projects would result in a payback of $2 for every dollar invested.

Here is the exact language that will appear on the November 8th ballot:
Ballot Language: Energy Conservation Works Projects $5,000,000 for funding community solar and/or other local renewable energy generation; alternative fuel transportation projects; energy audits; planning, design, and construction of energy conservation and emission reduction projects.   This project is sponsored by the Town of Jackson.

For more information about ECW’s SPET item, please email us at Info@energyconservationworks.org and follow our social media.

Take a look at this map for details 2010 Energy SPET projects: