JACKSON, Wyo. — With warmer weather ahead, the Teton County/Jackson Parks and Recreation Department has started the transition from winter to summer operations.

The grooming of pathways and trails is complete for the winter season. Pathways and sidewalks are currently being swept and cleared for safe access. Shaded and outlying sections will be the last areas cleared and cleaned. 

Hard courts at Miller Park are currently open but the infrastructure is not expected to be in place until Friday, April 1 (weather dependent). Parks crews are aiming to have the Teton County Fairground’s tennis courts open within the next two weeks. High School tennis courts and field reservations should be made through Teton County School District #1’s website here.

Reservations and scheduling for Town and County parks, shelters and fields can be made through the Parks & Rec site here.  Restrooms are expected to be open on May 1, also weather dependent.

Staff is asking the public to tread lightly on open green spaces as snow melts and turns to mud and is also reminding the public to pick up after pets. Pet waste that remains on the ground throughout winter and before the soil is completely thawed will end up in watersheds via surface runoff. 

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