JACKSON, Wyo. — Upon its reopening, Jackson Hole Airport will make updates to its parking fees in an effort to mitigate limited parking availability.

Changes include a new JAC Parking Program, a discount for ride app users and an adjustment to the parking lot scaled pricing. Local customers can begin registering for the discount program immediately. The new parking lot pricing will take effect on July 1.

The JAC Parking Program is designed to assist the local community and is available to travelers that reside within the surrounding area. An eligibility map is available on the Airport’s website. If customers register and are approved, the program will discount their daily parking rate from $25.00 to $17.00.

The Airport is launching the Program for a trial period that is set to end a year from now on June 30, 2023. Due to high demand during certain travel periods, the discounted rate will be subject to blackout dates. More information about the JAC Discount Parking Program can be found on the Airport’s website here.

The Airport has also worked with both Uber and Lyft ride app companies to offer a $5.00 discount on each leg of travel to and from JAC. Local customers can register for the ride app discount using the same online registration process created for the JAC Discount Parking Program. Once registered and approved, customers will receive an email or text from Uber or Lyft detailing how to utilize the discount with their preferred Uber or Lyft ride app account.

Starting July 1, the updated parking lot scaled pricing will take effect. The 24-hour Main and Overflow parking lot rate will increase to $25.00. This will apply to anyone parking between 5-24 hours in a given day. The Main and Overflow parking lot grace period will be limited to 90 minutes.  Additionally, the short-term parking lot grace period will be limited to (1) hour.

The Airport parking demand has regularly exceeded supply, leading to overcrowding of the Main, Overflow and Short-Term parking lots. Traditionally, airports can consider building additional airport parking structures or expanding existing lots to accommodate higher parking demand; however, this option is not available to the Jackson Hole Airport. These changes are aimed at addressing this issue and reducing the risk of lots being full when passengers are arriving for departing flights.

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