Old Bill’s shatters last year’s giving…again

JACKSON HOLE, Wyo. — Community Foundation of Jackson Hole announced yet another new benchmark in giving during an awards party last night at the National Museum of Wildlife Art. Old Bill’s Fun Run 2019 raised $14,381,190—over a million more than last year.

It was a festive atmosphere last night at the Museum as hundreds of valley nonprofits gathered to learn what they made and pat tribute to those leading the way in philanthropy in Teton County. The numbers were staggering.

The Match Pool—created with gifts from Mr. & Mrs. Old Bill, Co-Challengers and Friends—totaled $3,464,002 and nonprofits raised $10,917,189 in gifts designated specifically for them. Over the last 23 years, Old Bill’s has raised an astonishing $173,720,537.

Gifts to organizations were matched this year at 45%, so nonprofits that raised $30,000 or more received a matching grant of $13,500 from the Community Foundation.

Foundation President Katharine Conover noted, “For the past 14 years, I have been uniquely positioned to understand the depth and breadth of this community’s generosity, and it has been an ineffable privilege. This year is, once again, record-breaking, and nonprofits and the people they serve will feel the impact of the funds distributed tonight throughout the year ahead.”

Conover also mentioned her impending retirement from the Community Foundation, saying she is leaving all in good hands—even the weather.

“For years I have taken credit for the good weather on Old Bill’s. People believe I’m in control of that. I’m not,” she admitted.

Conover also made mention of how frequently she is asked a variation of the same question: How many nonprofits are there in the valley? I heard there are over 500.

Conover said since the Tin Cup Challenge over the hill, taking with it the nonprofits from Teton County, Idaho, Old Bill’s participation from nonprofits has always numbered right around 200. This year, 210 nonprofits received checks.

Search and Rescue was the recipient of the most gifts; some 633 donors gave to TCSAR. Friends of Pathways and the library were the next most popular nonprofits. In all, 21,000 gifts were recorded for valley nonprofits—over a thousand more than last year.

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