Nice ice baby: It takes a village…and sometimes two of them

TETON VALLEY, IDA – When the Zamboni at the Kotler Ice Arena broke down early this week, everyone pitched in to do what they could to keep the rink open and the ice safe.

Ron’s Towing generously offered to truck the loaner Zamboni over the Pass. (Teton Valley Foundation)

Some programs had to be cancelled after rink organizers received word that a fix was not going to be possible anytime soon. But other events this week, like a squirts tournament, took place only because volunteers jumped in and hand-shoveled the ice surface to make it playable.

With weeks left to go in the season, though, and more scheduled events, it was looking dire for the ice arena in Victor.

RAD Curbside helps tow tow the dead Zamboni to the repair shop. (Teton Valley Foundation)

That’s when a miracle happened. First, the Town of Jackson stepped in and lent Kotler its spare Zamboni. CMI and the folks at Snow King Sports and Event Center were able to secure a brand-new Zamboni this year so they offered their old one. The town okay’d it.

Now, to get it over the hill.  Ron’s Towing to the rescue. Ron’s Towing was able to load up the Zamboni on a flatbed and truck it over the pass. By 6pm last night the rink was back in business.

Rink neighbors Gearhead Garage Auto Repair and rink partners RAD Curbside also helped out all week where they could.

Gearhead Garage Auto Repair also lent a head where they could. (Teton Valley Foundation)

“Canceling the remainder of the season was a real and serious threat without this collaborative effort. Not only would that have been a huge bummer, but much of our rink funding comes from tournaments and events like the ones we have over the next few weeks,” said Teton Valley Foundation executive director Lauren Bennett. “Thank goodness for great neighbors.”

Come on down to the rink this weekend to catch some hockey at the Cutthroat Classic Adult Tournament, and enjoy a Grand Teton Brewing beer with us. After the last week, we’ve all earned one.

The maiden voyage of the Jackson Zam on Kotler’s worn out ice. It hadn’t been cut in five days. (Teton Valley Foundation)

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