New Snake River Brewery ale begins with cleanest water in America

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Mike Hoeft knows water. He’s the Water System Operations Specialist from Aspen Pines Water and Sewer District. The same district you may recall that won “gold” at this year’s Great American Water Taste Test on Feb. 8, 2017.

Hoeft also knows beer. His mug hangs in a Top 5 slot at Snake River Brew Pub as a longtime SRB Mug Clubber.

So, a marriage of the two was an obvious no-brainer.

Mike Hoeft brings home the gold. (National Rural Water Association)

Snake River Brewing announced today the release of The Rocky Mountain Extra Pale Ale called H2OMG. It was made with 1,500 gallons of the Nation’s Best Tasting water collected from the Aspen Pines. The extra pale ale style was selected by Head Brewer Rudy Borrego so the flavors from water could be showcased. It is a light and balanced ale that has been dry hopped with ahtanum hops for aroma.

“It’s a very light American pale ale. It’s not overly bitter or hoppy. There is no one flavor to over power another. We thought it was the best way to showcase the water,” Borrego said.

That water is drawn untreated from a series of deep, 100-foot wells in the Aspens, according to Hoeft. “I collected this sample myself. We’ve won several taste tests, and every time I was the one who collected the sample,” the water guru told the National Rural Water Association earlier this year.

And Hoeft was sure to be on hand when SRB contracted with Macy’s to ship the water to their brewing facility. The brewery used Macy’s stainless steel, potable water tanker but only after they flushed it out three times to make sure they were getting lnly pure Aspen Pines water.

SRB Director of Operations Chris Erickson said, “It’s really great to be able to do something like this for our mug clubbers, and what a fun story to tell.”

H2OMG began pouring just hours ago. It will be officially unveiled tomorrow for the semi-annual Mug Club party in order to honor Hoeft for the inspiration…and the water.

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