National Park Service considers paving Meadow Road, requests public comment

MOOSE, WY— The National Park Service is considering the paving of Meadow Road, an unpaved road located within Grand Teton National Park and requests public comment. Public comment is encouraged by July 25.

Meadow Road is located off U.S. Highway 89/26/191, approximately 1.5 miles north of the Jackson Hole Airport. It travels west and north for approximately one mile through the park and continues to a residential neighborhood situated outside of the park boundary. The road provides year-round access to approximately 70 private properties and residences located along and adjacent to the east bank of the Snake River.

The paving improvements would meet National Park Service road standards. No work is being considered outside the existing disturbed roadway and shoulders.

The park developed a model to evaluate all unpaved roads within the park and the John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Parkway to determine if roads should be considered for paving. This model incorporates methods used by other localities within Wyoming and other states, and considers a wide range of factors.

Traffic volumes in the Meadow Road neighborhood continue to increase from residential development. These traffic volumes have reached a point where the park’s model – incorporating factors such as maintenance and user costs, safety, dust control, and all season trafficability – recommends consideration for paving. Based on the model recommendation, as well as a request from some residents, the park is considering the impacts of paving the road. Environmental impacts and public interest will be evaluated as part of the scoping and environmental compliance requirements.

Public comments are encouraged to be submitted online by visiting the National Park Service Park Planning, Environment, and Public Comments (PEPC) website. Comments may also be sent to Grand Teton National Park, Planning Office, Attn: Meadow Road Improvements, Grand Teton National Park, P.O. Box 170, Moose, Wyoming 83012.

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