The results confirm that this was a very fast course. Today's top three competitors shattered last year's course record held by Éric Laforce. Photo: Courtesy of Pedigree Stage Stop Race

JACKSON, Wyo. — After its kickoff in downtown Jackson on Friday night, competitors were ready for day one of the 27th Pedigree Stage Stop Race. Twenty-four teams left the starting line at Blackrock Ranger Station trailhead eight miles east of Moran Junction yesterday morning.

The 29.7-mile Blackrock course offered ups and downs, twists and turns, switchbacks and a stretch of open country up top. Conditions consisted of almost no wind, blue skies and cold temperatures (-16F at 9 a.m.). To end it all, after a four-mile climb of hard fast trail out the chute, all were treated to a breathtaking panoramic view of the Teton Mountains.

“All the mushers without exception reported it was a great run for Day One,” said Media Director Roger Carpenter.

The results confirm that this was a very fast course. Today’s top three competitors shattered last year’s course record held by Éric Laforce. Anny Malo, last year’s returning Stage Stop champion, set a new course record of 1:49:29. Éric Laforce was not far behind at 1:52:23 overcoming a wedged snow hook on the hard-packed trail. Next across the finish line were Diane Marquis, JR Anderson and Alix Crittenden.

Stage I —Teton County, Wyoming results:

1 — Anny Malo 1:49:29
2 — Érick Laforce 1:52:23
3 — Diane Marquis 1:54:27
4 — JR Anderson 1:57:29
5 — Alix Crittenden 1:57:35
6 — Cathy Rivest 1:59:09
7 — Lina Streeper 1:59:28
8 — Austin Forney 2:01:41
9 — Jake Robinson 2:02:44
10 — Dave Torgerson 2:04:20
11 — Thad McCracken 2:04:26
12 — Hans Gatt 2:05:54
13 — Bruce Magnusson 2:06:34
14 — Grant Beck 2:07:49
15 — Ryan Baeber 2:10:04
16 — Rachel Courtney 2:10:39
17 — Gwenn Bogart 2:14:48
18 — Laura Bontrager 2:17:09
19 — Jerry Scdoris 2:21:26
20 — Fernando Ramirez 2:21:50
21 — Tim Thiessen 2:25:39
22 — Christina Gibson 2:49:51
23 — Chris Adkins 2:50:41
24 — Geneva Lyon 3:06:20

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