Leave No Trace (of common sense)

Article published by: Jake Nichols, Buckrail.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming—Wow, talk about viral. An adventure group from Canada is in hot water. But it’s not the scalding Prismatic Springs, where members of High On Life trespassed and traipsed over the sensitive mat area to capture their narcissistic tour of America. No, federal authorities are looking for them on a grander scale.

High On Life claims their trespass was a ‘mistake.’

High On Life audaciously claims their trespass was a ‘mistake.’

A Criminal complaint was filed by federal authorities against three of the four members (Alexey Lyakh, Charles “Ryker” Gamble, Justis Cooper Price Brown) of the Canadian-based adventure clothing travelers. A warrant has since been issued for their arrest.

Facing severe online backlash, the group’s Facebook site “High On Life – SundayFundayz” has since been radically modified. Gone are incriminating photos of them trespassing, desecrating, and otherwise disrespecting several world famous destinations including Yellowstone, the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin, arches in Moab, Machu Picchu, and others.

The trespassing travelers who revel in what they call “raw shenanigans” have also removed all affiliations with corporate sponsors including Bud Light, Red Bull, Coco-Pure, and Blueprint. An online petition at Change.org has already garnered nearly 5,000 signatures from people demanding these companies officially sever ties with the High On Life or face a boycott of their products.

As quickly as administrators for HOL take down incriminating evidence, Internet-savvy users are reposting screenshots and website archives of damning material. One such post from earlier this spring when the group caught flak in New Orleans reads:

“Hey…we here at High On Life just want to apologize for our recent actions. We saved up for a whole year to come to this amazing place and we had no idea that New Orleans actually had some standards. We meant no disrespect when we embarrassed the city with our mere presence. We honestly thought we were being way cool. We absolutely love ‘Nawlins and we would never do anything to diminish its reputation. To show our sincerity, we are donating $5 to the New Orleans Tourist Bureau.”

So the $5,000 offered to Yellowstone is a significant increase in HOL’s standard pay-to-play policy.

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