Highway damage in other (Hoback) canyon now Road surface Asphalt Buckrail - Jackson Hole, news
US 191 road damage in Hoback Canyon (SCEMA)

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – WYDOT says they are cautiously monitoring movement on US 191 south of Bondurant and north of the Rim at about milepost 133.8. Maintenance crews have noticed some cracking and a large bulge in the road where pavement has dropped about six inches since first detected on April 4.

WYDOT district engineer Keith Compton blamed the conditions on typical spring saturation with freeze-thaw cycles

“It’s basically due to the excessive moisture in the ground as well as the continual melting of snow feeding water into this area as temperatures warm,” Compton said.

WYDOT geologists have been on site and will continue to measure and monitor the movement of the road. Meanwhile, maintenance crews are currently working to patch the area and to smooth out the bulge as much as possible to address current traffic concerns. Speeds have been reduced to 30 mph in the area and will remain reduced until a more permanent solution is developed and implemented.