Health orders and recommendations: which ones are left?

JACKSON, Wyo. — Health orders in Wyoming have begun to expire or evolve, and it’s important to know which ones are still in effect.

There are currently three modified state-wide health orders, one county health order, and three county recommendations, which are not enforceable by law. Here’s what they say and when they expire:

State Health Order #1, May 15

Orders businesses that promote gathering, including restaurants, bars, theaters, and gymnasiums, to close except under certain conditions. Food establishments may offer take-out, curbside pickup, and delivery

The modified order also allows gyms to open under limited capacity. Staff must wear face coverings and be screened before each shift for symptoms of COVID-19. Locker rooms will remain closed, as will saunas and other shared spaces. Workout equipment must be placed at least six feet apart and must be cleaned by staff after each use. No more than nine people can be in one room or section at a time.

(Note: Teton County’s variance supersedes the state’s and does not allow gyms to open until May 11)

State Health Order #2, May 15

Prohibits gatherings of more than 10 people, with some exceptions.

State Health Order #3, May 15

Nail salons, hair salons, barbershops, massage parlors, tattoo and body art studios, and other cosmetology and personal services may open under limited conditions. No more than nine people can be present in one space at a time. Staff must wear face coverings at all times, and patrons must wear face coverings as much as possible. Service is by appointment only, and clients must be served at stations that are at least six feet apart. Waiting areas will be closed.

(Note: Teton County’s variance supersedes the state’s and does not allow such businesses to open until May 11)

County Health Public Health Order 20-5, May 11

A variance to State Orders 1 and 3, County Order 20-5 keeps gyms, nail salons, hair salons, barbershops, massage parlors, tattoo and body art shops, cosmetology, and esthetic services closed until May 11.

County Recommendation #4

Visitors to Teton County, Wyoming are requested to return home immediately by the fastest and safest available means, and anyone considering visiting Teton County should remain home. Non-resident homeowners are strongly encouraged to leave or not to travel to Teton County.

County Recommendation #6

That residents of Teton County, Wyoming who leave the geographic area of the State of Wyoming, Bonneville County, Idaho, and Teton County, Idaho and any visitors that visit Teton County, Wyoming from outside that geographic area should limit movement and gathering with other individuals who are not their immediate family upon their return to Teton County, Wyoming. Persons should leave their residences only to perform essential activities for a period of self-isolation lasting at least 14 or self-isolation until any fever or respiratory illness has resolved and they have returned to normal health for at least three days, whichever is longer.

County Recommendation #7

That individuals wear cloth face coverings while in public, particularly when physical distancing measures cannot be relied upon, such as at the grocery store or pharmacy.

Governor Mark Gordon’s directive that individuals visiting Wyoming self-quarantine for 14 days remains in place through May 8.

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