Heads up: County phone lines down, services impacted

JACKSON, Wyo. — UPDATE 1 p.m.: The Jackson/Teton County Affordable Housing Office, Assessor, and the Planning Department are closed until the network is back. The Treasurer’s Office is open but unable to process transactions. The Clerk’s Office will process marriage licenses by hand until 5 p.m.

UPDATE 9/20/19: Teton County’s phone lines are still down as of 9 a.m. today. The Treasurers Office and Clerks Office are unable to assist with motor vehicle registration and marriage licenses until further notice.

The Teton County Health Department and Trash Transfer Station are still open, and the swim meet at the Rec Center is on.

Jackson Hole Fire/EMS stations and 911 dispatch are still running. Electrical contractors requesting a fire inspection should call 307-413-3138.

Teton County Library is still closed. The earliest they anticipate opening today is 3 p.m. The library’s website is still up and running.

Officials say the outage was caused by a switch failure. IT hopes to fix the problem by this afternoon.

UPDATE: The Teton County Treasurers Office is officially closed.

The phone system that services Teton County Government, VOIP, is down in the county today and certain county services are limited or closed.

“We’re trying to figure out what’s going on,” said Teton County PIO Kristin Waters.

Teton County Library, which runs on VOIP, is closed for the rest of the afternoon. It’s standard safety protocol to close when phone lines are down, said Assistant Director Isabel Zumel.

“We know that we’re a [school bus] drop-off, so we’re going into the mode of making sure kids get home safely,” Zumel said.

County officials also can’t access their files, which means they can’t process information or credit cards. That means no paying for your car registration today unless you have a check or cash.

“County employees are still working, we just can’t process certain things,” Waters said.

The Rec Center is open but can’t take credit cards. Patrons will need a membership card or cash until the system is back up and running. The Rec Center is also hosting a swim meet all day tomorrow, but will still conduct fitness classes, toddler club, and Tae Kwon Do.

Zumel said she expects the library to be back in business tomorrow morning.

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