Game and Fish will place 28 boat docks this spring

WYOMING – Spring is taking its sweet time getting to all parts of Wyoming, but in anticipation of warmer weather and the melting of iced-over lakes, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department will be placing boat docks soon.

Miles Anderson

Game and Fish will start placing docks onto public access areas and state-owned property after the ice is off the water. Regional managers throughout Wyoming start to watch water conditions closely to put docks out as soon as possible for public access. Docks make it safer and easier to get your boat on the water

“The reason we wait until the ice is off the water and the temperatures warm is for safety,” said Miles Anderson. He is the Pinedale habitat and access supervisor. “Ice can damage docks by breaking their floats and cause them to break free of anchors and float away or sink. Freezing temperatures can also cause glazed ice on the ramps, which could cause a truck and trailer to slide. Or, if there is floating ice, this can be hazardous to boaters, and ice could drift and pile up around the docks.”

Some docks require heavy equipment to install as well. So, Game and Fish needs to wait until the roads are clear of snow and dry. In all, the department plans to put out 28 boat docks this spring.

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