Fishhawk Fire near Yellowstone blows up in a matter of hours

WYOMING – As locals ease their jitters over a weekend wildfire that blackened Saddle Butte above town and threatened homes and businesses, another fire start over the holiday weekend is throwing up big smoke just east of Yellowstone National Park. The smoke was visible from Jackson Monday evening, and Buckrail had several concerned readers reach out about this ominous looking cloud in the distance.

Fueled by erratic winds, the Fishhawk Fire west of Cody burned 2,000 acres in a matter of hours. The blaze was first reported early Monday night, spotted burning about 500 acres in the Fishhawk Creek drainage about four miles south of Highway 14/16 (North Fork Highway). By 7:40pm, the fire had whipped itself into a 2,000-acre blaze and spread into Sheep Creek

Fishhawk Fire is burning on the Shoshone National Forest about midway between Cody and the east gate entrance to Yellowstone. The fire is burning in the Washakie Wilderness Area but the fire’s movement is E-NE, which would put it heading toward Window Rock, Blackwater Fire Memorial, and the town of Wapiti—all along the North Fork Highway.

A handful of campgrounds are in the fire’s path. They may be evacuated and closed today. Trail closures include Fishhawk Trail, S. Kitty Creek Trail, and Blackwater Trail.

The cause of the fire is not known at this time.

A public meeting is scheduled for today at 6pm at Yellowstone Valley Inn, 3324 N. Fork Highway.

Approximate area of the Fishhawk Fire. (Natural Atlas)

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