Fav farm stand is back with new operators

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – What a long SLOW path it has been to get to the new-look farm stand next to Twigs in the Movieworks Plaza. Foodies probably won’t care about the history behind the stand when they’re inspecting ears of corn or squeezing the kumquats. But just in case, we’ll tell you how we got here.

First things first: Slow Food in the Tetons will now own and operate the long-running farm stand. The grand unveiling will be Thursday, July 6, and Thursdays thereafter from 12-6pm, Fridays 10am-6pm, until September 29.

The stand—to be called “Slow Food Farm Stand”—will give Slow Food in the Tetons a chance to interface with the public even more, sourcing super-fresh, local, regional, and mostly organic produce to the community.

“An important part of our mission is to remove barriers to purchasing local food. We hope this farm stand provides another convenient location for people to buy local and learn about where their food comes from,” said Scott Steen, executive director for Slow Food.

Sloane Bergien started the farm stand 22 years ago under the name Jackson Hole Farmers Market (before the Saturday Farmers Market began). The business was bought and run last year by a local company named From the Roots. This year the owners of From the Roots donated their business to Slow Food in the Tetons to support the local food scene and help Slow Food achieve their not-for-profit mission of connecting people to local healthy food.

The Slow Food Farm Stand will continue the tradition of working with local and regional farms to supply berries, peaches, other fruits, greens, and all sorts of vegetables throughout the summer.


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