And the most famous band in Wyoming is….

WYOMING – Some states got it so good.

When it comes to the most famous band from every state, the discussion is short and sweet for many. Minnesota has its Prince, New York is pure Ramones, and Texas is all about ZZ Top. You can’t think of Bruce Springsteen without thinking of his home state, New Jersey, and vice-versa.

The mere name of some states invokes their band. Alabama, Kansas, and Massachusetts’ Boston. Other states you might think would be hard-pressed to have a band, have some of the coolest acts working today. Alaska’s Portugal. The Man, and Nevada’s Imagine Dragons come to mind.

When Buckrail read the “definitive” list of “Most Famous Bands from Every State,” compiled by Michael B. Sauter for 24/7 Wall Street, we eagerly fast-forwarded past Evanescence (Arkansas), Tom Petty (Florida), and Phish (Vermont), to get to Wyoming and…


Teenage Bottlerocket.

The Laramie-based punk band formed in 2002 and made the national scene in 2005 with the release of Total and a nationwide tour. “Skate or Die” is the band’s biggest hit to date.

Undoubtedly, Teenage Bottlerocket benefits greatly from being in the college town of Laramie and, no slight to them, but we couldn’t help but wonder if there wasn’t a better representation of Wyoming out there on the music scene.

So Buckrail would offer up first and foremost the late Chris Ledoux. He’s pure Wyoming (Kaycee native) and charted several country music hits. Chancey Williams and the Younger Brothers Band—who just played the Fireman’s Ball—brought the barn down Saturday night opening for Big Head Todd. Or what about Ten Sleep’s Jalan Crossland, Cody’s Luke Bell, or Laramie’s Patti Fiasco?

Even Jackson has a few to choose from with Screen Door Porch, The Flannel Attractions, or Lazy Eyes.

What say you? Who is the most popular, famous, best, favorite music act to come out of the Equality State?

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