It’s the perfect time to try out one of DW's Gyrokinesis classes, taught by expert instructor Francesca Romo. Photo: Lindley Rust

JACKSON, Wyo. — Autumn in the mountains brings a spectacular show of changing color, dustings of snow on the peaks, and other cues that it’s time to set aside our warm-weather adventures. Just because it’s time to put our bikes, kayaks, and hiking boots into hibernation doesn’t mean that your exercise routine needs to get boring! Check out the exciting lineup of Adult Wellness classes at Dancers’ Workshop (DW) and leap into a new way of working out!

It’s the perfect time to try out one of DW’s Gyrokinesis classes, taught by expert instructor Francesca Romo. Gyrokinesis is a movement method that addresses the entire body, opening energy pathways, stimulating the nervous system, increasing range of motion and creating functional strength through rhythmic, flowing movement sequences. Some of the exercises are performed on low stools while others are done lying down, sitting, or standing. Gyrokinesis movement maximizes the flow of energy through the body leaving you feeling energized, balanced, and grounded.

On Saturday, Oct. 16, Romo is teaching a one-day workshop on the Gyrokinesis method. It’s the perfect opportunity for beginners to give it a try and learn the fundamentals of this strengthening and flexibility-enhancing practice.

“This class is catered to everyone of all ages and levels, it’s a great way to gain insight into the Gyrokinesis modality but also to learn about the many motions our spines and bodies can move in,” said Romo. “The word expansion comes to mind when I think about this practice: elongation and decompression. Both the Gyrokinesis and Gyrotonic methods are useful for anyone who wants to find ease and longevity. Both these methods can help promote a connection between mind and body.”

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In addition to body and mind-strengthening wellness classes, Dancers’ Workshop is thrilled to offer a three-week series of Country Western Swing classes. If you want to make sure that you and your date are the talk of the dance floor at the Cowboy, Stagecoach, or Silver Dollar Bar this winter, this is your chance to put on your shiniest boots and brush up on your skills!

Country Western Swing classes are offered by DW. Photo: Courtesy of DW

Join instructors BJ Reed and Clayton Schmidt from 7:30 to 9 p.m. on Fridays Oct. 15, 22, and 29. Online pre-registration is requested, and masks are required. Full workshop registration is $65 per single or $120 per couple, drop-in classes are $25 per single and $50 per couple. And the ability to be the star of the dance floor all winter? Priceless!

And fear not, Halloween-lovers: The Thriller Dance Party is on! From 7-9 p.m. on Friday evening before Halloween (Friday, Oct. 29th), and the cost is $20 for adults (kids under 12 are free).

Thriller flash mob on the Town Square. Photo: Courtesy of DW

Participants are encouraged to attend in their most authentic zombie makeup and attire, of course, just don’t forget your mask! Following the in-studio workshop learning the moves, the group will head downtown and perform flash-mob style in a few locations. Pre-registration is encouraged, but not required. Supercharge your scary season with this unforgettable Jackson Hole tradition!

Visit the Dancers’ Workshop website for more details on other wellness classes and dance opportunities, and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get the latest updates. It’s the perfect time to fall into some fun and empowering new ways of exercising!