JACKSON, Wyo. — The turnout, oh the turnout. Whether by mail, early in-person or during the 12-hour Election Day window, the electorate turned out in droves for the 2020 General Election.

A total of 14,787 voters cast a ballot in this election out of 15,966 registered voters for a 92.6% turnout. It’s nearly 2,000 more votes than were cast in the last presidential election in 2016 when 12,795 total votes were tallied. It’s the most votes ever tallied in Teton County for any election.

With the exception of running out of physical ballots at a couple of locations, everything went smoothly, according to county clerk Maureen Murphy, who will wrap up her first general election late tonight.

Highlights included the sales tax voted down by a 7,401 (53%) to 6,546 (47%) margin.

At the town level, Jackson was going to have a new mayor regardless of Mayor Pete Muldoon choosing to vacate his seat for one on the town council. Hailey Morton Levinson will be that new Jackson mayor, easily outpacing challenger Michael Kudar, who launched a write-in campaign in the primary to get his name on the ballot in the general election.

The two open town council seats went to Jim Rooks and Jessica Sell Chambers. Missing the cut were Devon Viehman, 3rd top vote-getter, and Muldoon at the bottom of the four-candidate field.

The Board of County Commission saw no change. Both incumbents—Natalia D. Macker and Greg Epstein—held their seats. Behind them, the race was close between the two Republicans Pete Long and Christian Beckwith.

These results reflect the unofficial summary report from Teton County. Overall winners of statewide and district-wide races are not reflected:

Teton County Commissioner
Natalia D. Macker (D) 6,647
Gregory W. Epstein (D) 5,149
Peter Long (R) 4,889
Christian Beckwith (R) 4,776
Wes Gardner (I) 3,391


Hailey Morton Levinson (D) 3,405
Michael Kudar (R) 2,140


Town Council
Jessica Sell Chambers 2,574
Pete Muldoon 1,825
Jim Rooks 2,797
Devon Viehman 2,304


U.S. Senate
Cynthia M. Lummis (R) 5,370
Merav Ben David (D) 9,030


U.S. House of Representatives
Lynnette Grey Bull (D) 8,628
Liz Cheney (R) 5,210
Richard Brubaker (L) 383
Jeff Haggit (C) 116


State House District 16 – Dem
Mike Yin (D) 4,237


State House District 23 – Dem
Andy Schwartz (D) 4,885


Teton County School District #1 Trustee
Kate Mead 8,209
Bill Scarlett 5,928
Thomas Smits 4,214
Jennifer Zung 6,388
Betsy Carlin 7,230


Conservation District Supervisor Urban
Rob Hurley 9,644


Conservation District Supervisor at Large
Nate Fuller 9,962


St. John’s Hospital District Trustee – 4 Year Term
Bruce Hayse 8,347
Cynthia Hogan 7,688
C. Scott Gibson 6,720


St. John’s Hospital District Trustee – 2 Year Terms
Sue Critzer 9,155
Deborah C. Hopkins 9,159


Proposed General Penny Tax
For 6,576
Against 7,468