JACKSON, Wyo. – A slight bump in the night Sunday was indeed an earthquake in Jackson.

The seismic event was recorded by the USGS Earthquake Center at 9:31 p.m. The 2.0 magnitude quake was centered right where the radio and communication towers are located at the summit of Snow King Mountain. But, remember, the earthquake was noted as occurring at a depth of roughly 3 miles, so that would put the epicenter at the base of Snow King.

Some Jackson residents felt the trembler, describing it as a quick bump, short in duration. It was felt as far away as Melody Ranch.

Shane Rothman, who lives in the Snow King area felt the quake. “It was a quick decent jolt and then wobble. Literally two seconds,” he said. “It was reminiscent of a distant explosion but didn’t hear anything.”

Rothman said he’s felt many earthquakes in the 4-magnitude spectrum, and this M2 was every bit as jolting. Probably because he was sitting right on top of it.

Earthquake activity in Jackson Hole is not unusual. There are known faults and predictable regions where smaller scale earthquakes have been reported through the decades, though Snow King is not one of those.

Larger earthquakes sometimes trigger other seismic events elsewhere in a region or even thousands of miles away. A good-sized tremor rocked Salt Lake back in March, and Tonopah, Nevada is still experiencing aftershocks (some 2,200 now) after a record-shaking M5.3 on May 21, 2020.