Early absentee voting is underway

JACKSON HOLE WYOMING – Absentee voting for the 2018 Primary Election began Friday, July 6. Wyoming allows any registered Wyoming voter the ability to request and then cast an absentee ballot through their county clerk either by mail or in-person at a county clerk’s office.

“I encourage all eligible Wyoming voters to study their candidate choices, become an informed voter, and then exercise their right to vote by casting a ballot in the upcoming 2018 Primary Election whether in person or absentee. The outcome of races across our state this August will not only determine the candidate choices placed before voters in November, but also the future of our State,” said Secretary of State Edward Buchanan.

Absentee voting continues until Monday, August 20, the day before the Primary Election. Requests for ballots may be made to a county clerk’s office by phone, email, fax, or in person. Additionally, several counties will open absentee polling places that will remain open until the day before Election Day.

“The voter decides when to vote, either early by absentee or on Election Day. Therefore, truly there is little excuse not to vote,” stated Election Director Kai Schon.

To cast an absentee ballot, register to vote, or to view precinct by precinct sample ballots, voters should visit their county clerk’s office. Click here for a complete list of all 23 Wyoming county clerks.

Local races to watch at the Primary

The town council race includes six running for two open seats. That means the primary election will send two candidates home early in the nonpartisan race.

Jessica Sell Chambers, Don Frank, Judd Grossman, Arne Jorgensen, Zach Padilla, and Jonathan Schechter are all seeking a seat on the town council. Frank is the only incumbent in the field. Chambers and Grossman have both run previously for council.

Teton County Board of Commissioners will have three seats coming open with seven total candidates, possibly eight if another candidate meets the requirements to run as an Independent.

Richard Aurelio, Seadar Rose Davis, Mark Newcomb, and Luther Propst will all run under the Democrat ticket. Mark Barron, Andrew Byron, and Mary Martin are the Republican candidates. Tim Rieser announced he will run as an Independent. If he qualifies with enough signatures gathered by August 27, he will appear on the general election ballot only.

Just one Democrat will be eliminated from the race at the Primary Election.

The Primary Election is August 21, 2018.  Buckrail with have all results later that evening.

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