Apollo Ohno. Photo: Team USA

JACKSON, Wyo. — Apolo Ohno is known for capturing the hearts and interests of millions of Americans through his journey in Olympic greatness, champion of “Dancing with Stars”, a New York Times Bestseller and a magnetic positivity that resonates throughout the country.

And this month Ohno himself will be right here in Jackson Hole for an exclusive book launch event hosted by VIM fitness studio as a celebration of its 10th anniversary.

Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal tickets will be available for this intimate evening event. Call (307-413-0441)  or email one of VIM’s friendly experience curators to purchase today. To view what each ticket option entails click here.

In his new book “Hard Pivot” Apolo Anton Ohno shares his “five golden principles” for overcoming challenges with resilience, creativity and purpose.

In speed skating, a hard pivot is an aggressive shift of direction that requires courage, practice, and split-second timing. “In life,” said Apolo Anton Ohno, “we all face moments when we must make a hard pivot—times when we must adapt, reinvent, and find renewed purpose in the face of profound changes.” With “Hard Pivot”, this Olympic gold medalist and bestselling author offers an invaluable guide to anyone facing uncertainty, hardship, and loss of identity in the ever-shifting landscape of our lives.

The world sees Ohno as an athletic superstar. “But inside,” he writes, “I faced challenges like anyone else. The inner voice that once motivated me became toxic, amplifying my fears and insecurities.” Through each crisis—in his athletic career and beyond—he developed new habits and practices that helped him restore inner balance and overcome the odds. Now he shares his most valuable insights: his “five golden principles” for adapting and thriving in the face of chaos, self-doubt, and pressure.

“This book comes at a time where many people have reinvented and pivoted themselves in our rapidly changing world,” said VIM owner and event curator, Julie Guttormson. “The fundamentals are perfect for the transitions of life many are currently in or may face.”

This book is not only for athletes, but anyone who might find themselves at a crossroads in life. “Apolo walks his talk and approaches life with his athletic mindset, said Guttormson, “a drive many in our community can relate and connect to.”

This event is supported by the Jackson Hole Travel and Tourism Board.