JACKSON, WY – You don’t have to be a dancer or an artist to appreciate David Dorfman’s interest in our common humanity and (sometimes dark, sometimes beautiful) imperfections. This Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Jackson Hole has 3 really colorful opportunities to engage with the contemporary dance company presented by Dancers’ Workshop. Join David Dorfman Dance as they playfully navigate their way through a parade, a performance, an open rehearsal and a candid talkback session with David Dorfman, a 2019 U.S. Artists Fellow in Dance, and his company.

On Thursday night, come experience a free open rehearsal of DDD’s A(Way) Out of My Body, their latest work that investigates trauma, memory, and tenacity. On Friday night, be a part of a parade and join the community party at The Center Park! Then, get your ticket for the beautiful finale with David Dorfman Dance on Saturday night – the onstage performance of “Aroundtown” will awaken your senses and your sense of this thing called LOVE.

Aroundtown is a kinetic hope poem that examines the varied, unique and sometimes divided notions of LOVE. With original music, text and animated visuals, “Aroundtown” explores commitment, community, and intimacy in times of violence and strife. The company’s trademark empathy, sly humor, and explosive physicality are harnessed to examine LOVE as both sociopolitical and intimate weather systems. A live band on the stage playing original music – composed and performed by the DDD House Band led by Sam Crawford and Liz de Lise – adds a hauntingly poetic and oddly humorous layer to the evening’s exploration of community, joy, and love. Join in The Center Theater.


Let’s Make a Parade! Imagine you’re sipping your coffee in town when suddenly a 14’ tall puppet sails by. Its neon pink fur gleams in the sun. It’s followed by several other puppets, all whimsical representations of the five Chinese elements, along with a troupe of dancers, musicians, artists, collaborators and community members. Better yet, imagine joining the parade and being part of something radically different in Jackson Hole. Meet at The Center Park at 6 pm and follow the traveling parade!


A(Way) Out of My Body, DDD’s newest creation, weaves together movement, live original music, and the work of an interactive-electronics artist. The work explores where our minds and spirits travel when the weight of everyday life becomes an unbearable load to carry. Head to The Center Theater for this free open rehearsal.