Center of Wonder, Housing Trust strike a deal on affordable unit for a local artist

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – The Jackson Hole Community Housing Trust and Center of Wonder announced a partnership today with the goal of opening up affordable housing opportunities for local artists in Jackson Hole.

Housing is tough here. That’s an inescapable fact. Whether you tote a brush or a scalpel, affording a place to live, or even finding anything suitable, is difficult.

In recognition of the acute housing challenge in Jackson, and in support of artists that make meaningful contributions to our vibrant community, an anonymous donor secured an affordable home for artists at Redmond Street Rentals. The Housing Trust development includes 28 affordable rental units on Redmond Street in east Jackson, and will be ready for occupancy in early August.

Center of Wonder has just become the steward of this unique housing opportunity.

“Center of Wonder works to empower and support creative leaders in Jackson Hole. This housing opportunity allows us to provide stability for artists who are the heart of our creative community,” said Lyndsay McCandless, Director of Creative Resources at Center of Wonder. “The incredible contribution that made this partnership possible speaks to the important role of art and culture in a vibrant Jackson Hole.”

Interested applicants must demonstrate a proven commitment to the advancement of arts and culture in Jackson through a recent body of work in the visual arts, performing arts or literary arts. Applicants must comply with the Housing Trust’s income and asset limitations, listed on their website. Additional qualifying information can be found on Center of Wonder’s website. Applications must be received by June 15, 2018 and sent to both the Center of Wonder and the JH Community Housing Trust.


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