WILSON, Wyo. — UPDATE: A second avalanche off of Twin Slides has caused even more congestion on Teton Pass.

Wyoming Highway Patrol Lieutenant Matt Brackin said the second slide is about 10 feet deep and 3-400 feet wide. Nobody was caught.

The causes of both avalanches are still unknown. With the heavy snowfall over the last few days, slides could have occurred naturally or by a skier.

“There are people all over the mountain,” Brackin said.

Highway Patrol and WYDOT are working to clear skiers from Teton Pass so they can begin avalanche mitigation. As of 2:15 p.m., the parking lot was still near full.

“It’ll be several hours before we get the pass open again,” Brackin said.

WYDOT expects the road to be closed into the night.

ORIGINAL: WYDOT confirmed a vehicle has been caught in an avalanche on Teton Pass under Glory Bowl.

The truck was not buried and the driver is unharmed.

Jackson local Riley Doyle was driving his delivery box truck in “whiteout conditions” and noticed his vehicle slowly coming to a stop.

“My truck just started to come a gradual stop and all the sudden I couldn’t move,” Doyle said in a press release from Wyoming Highway Patrol. “I looked around and I was surrounded by snow.”

The road is currently closed in both directions. The estimated reopening time is unknown.

WYDOT Jackson Maintenance Supervisor Bruce Daigle says the slide is about 150 feet wide and two-three feet deep. It is not yet known whether it was skier triggered.

Buckrail is gathering more information about the exact location and condition of the slide. We will update as we know more. For now, don’t expect to get over the pass any time soon.

The original story has been updated with additional information, including the driver’s name, from WYDOT 

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