JACKSON, Wyo. — In 1920, Pearl Williams Hupp was Jackson Hole’s first… what?

What is the word for loving the way books smell?

What’s the cause of most power outages in the United States?

If these tricky trivia bits have you scratching your head, don’t worry — you have a full year to brush up on your factoids before Teton Literacy Center’s next in-person Sponsor-A-Reader Trivia Night. But before you dig into the depths of obscure information, Teton Literacy would like to share a few more quick facts with you.

Did you know that a study at Edinbugh University followed over 17,000 people over 50 years, and demonstrated that reading well at age seven made a lifelong positive impact on their socio-economic status?

And did you know that reading can help improve mental health, alleviate loneliness, and even help you score some better sleep?

Even though we can’t enjoy our in-person trivia night this year, Teton Literacy Center’s efforts to help young people develop strong literacy skills are in full swing. Its goal — to sponsor 50 readers — is within reach, but they need your help. Students like Gia, Colter, and Fernanda benefit profoundly from Teton Literacy Center’s programming. It’s your philanthropy that ensures they (and others like them) have zero-cost access to excellent educational resources.

Trivia night may not be in person this year, but the spirit of helping young people with literacy remains. Photo: Lina Collado // Teton Literacy Center

Thanks to the generosity of their sponsors — First Republic Bank, Jackson Hole News&Guide, and Two Ocean Builders — as well as the support of community members like you, Teton Literacy Center is over halfway to its goal. If you make your gift now, we can not only reach but exceed our goal!

Your support will empower new generations of engaged, curious community members who are more likely to enjoy successful academic careers, be involved in important work, and have a rich understanding of the world around them. A few of them might even develop some intense bibliosma! (That’s the love of the way books smell, if you hadn’t puzzled that out yet.)

So, instead of Googling what causes power outages in the U.S. (Squirrels. No, seriously.), take a moment and make your gift to Sponsor-A-Reader. Teton Literacy Center is grateful for your support, and couldn’t offer its life-changing and always-free programming to local children and families.

P.S. If you haven’t figured out how Pearl served back in the Wild West days, a quick visit to the Jackson Hole Historical Society will help you out — and is bound to have more than a few juicy trivia bits to gather up!