Best Of JH Tradition Will Carry On

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Buckrail is honored to announce the annual ‘Best Of JH’ awards will carry on. A deal was recently made between the former owners of Buckrail and Buckrail to sell the assets of Buckrail, including ‘Best of JH’, to Buckrail. Buckrail introduced the reader’s choice popularity contest branded “Best Of JH” in 2009. Since then, the annual event has been celebrated ten times, most recently this past spring with the Best Of 2018 edition and awards party.

Upon learning of the demise of the Planet, the first thing Buckrail thought was, “This shouldn’t go away.”

Recognizing individuals and organizations in our community for their greatness is a worthy tradition we are excited to carry on.

“We want to be stewards of this brand and carry on the legacy of what the Planet started with the ‘Best Of’ Awards.” said Buckrail co-owner Brian Modena.

Who better to pass the torch to than the 2018 Gold winner for Best Website? “We’re honored by the opportunity to keep this tradition alive and are excited to add our expertise in digital to the awards,” Modena added.

Community engagement for ‘Best Of’ has grown every year. Valley residents take great pride in sharing their endorsements for everything from best dentist to best blogger and best massage therapist to best pizza place. If you’re great at what you do, it will show in the Best Of Jackson Hole.

Watch for the Best Of JH 2019 voting, opening early next year.

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