Bear killed on 390

WILSON, Wyo. — A black bear was struck and killed on Highway 390 early this morning.

Wyoming Game & Fish Regional Wildlife Supervisor Brad Hovinga confirmed that a Game & Fish warden picked up the black bear this morning. The bear had been hit by a car.

“Seems like what happens around here a lot,” Hovinga said.

The bear was dead when the warden arrived, but an eyewitness told Buckrail he had seen it moving after it was hit.

The warden who picked up the bear is already in the backcountry for the rest of the week, so Hovinga didn’t have any more details to report. Eyewitnesses say the collision occurred in the “Windy Mile” of the Village Road — right where the speed limit changes to 55 mph.

Driving Tips To Avoid Collisions With Wildlife

  • Slow Down.
  • Pay attention to the road.
  • Scan the sides of the roads for wildlife.
  • Be alert to areas of high vegetation and steep banks.
  • Wildlife tends to cross roads more often at dawn and dusk and at night.
  • If you see one elk, deer or moose, you are likely to see more.
  • If you see an animal on the road expect the unexpected. They do not instinctively know how to react to vehicles.  Give the animal time and room to move off the road.  Do not try to out-run it.
  • Wildlife warning signs are there for a reason. Take note.
  • Extend your following distance through wildlife areas. Do not follow the car in front of you too closely.
  • Drive responsibly and defensively.

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