BackcountryZero podcast walks “The Fine Line”

JACKSON, Wyo. — Teton County Search and Rescue volunteers have one of the hardest jobs of the county that they’ll never get paid for.

Some rescues are especially memorable. BackcountryZero’s podcast “The Fine Line” immortalizes those stories every month.

Bernhard Rietmann’s is one such story. On September 23, 2015, 84-year-old Rietmann went on a hunting trip and didn’t come back. Teton County Search and Rescue, plus more than 100 community volunteers and multiple agencies from four different states, overturned every stone in the Granite Creek drainage southeast of Jackson looking for him.

They found his body after six days, much further from where they expected it to be and further than they knew an 84-year-old could travel on his own.

This month’s episode of “The Fine Line,” hosted by Jackson Hole News & Guide Managing Editor Rebecca Huntington, revisits the search through the eyes of Rietmann’s son Max and longtime TSCAR volunteer Alex Norton. The two have known each other since kindergarten, and offer a unique perspective on Rietmann and the search.

The episode is simultaneously a heartwarming tribute to Rietmann, an analysis of search theory, and how one comes to terms with the realities of searching for a lost family member across rugged terrain spanning several days.

Listen to the episode and follow the podcast via Soundcloud on, or subscribe and download on iTunes.

“The Fine Line” is produced by BackcountryZero, a project of TCSAR Foundation.


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