JACKSON, Wyo. — Astoria Park Conservancy is preparing to open Astoria Hot Springs and Park for locals as the phase-one construction, managed by The Trust for Public Land, nears completion.

As of this week, all pools are completed. The Welcome Center along with the changing rooms and Snack Shack are nearing completion with finishing touches scheduled for next week. The geothermal system will soon be turned on so that testing can begin.

One of the newly constructed hot pools at Astoria Hot Springs and Park. Photo: Astoria Park Conservancy

Astoria is a donor-supported, non-profit owned 100-acre park, centered around the mineral hot springs facilities that have been revitalized and will reopen to the public for the first time in over 20 years.

Astoria Park Conservancy, along with their partners at The Trust for Public Land, have worked diligently with the Jackson Hole community to ensure the park is designed and built by our community, for our community.

Paige Byron Curry, Executive Director of Astoria Park Conservancy and Chris Deming, Senior Project Manager of The Trust for Public Land, both share an update, filmed from Astoria on July 15:


YouTube video


Paige also shares the following:

“We are incredibly grateful for locals who participated as we redesigned and redeveloped Astoria as a welcoming refuge for local families, and we are sincerely appreciative to our partners at The Trust for Public Land. To those of you who gave input during our community design process, and those of you who supported The Campaign for Astoria Hot Springs Park, we share our most sincere thanks for your help.”

More information about Astoria Park Conservancy, construction updates and the live webcam can be found at www.astoriapark.org. Opening announcements will be shared soon.

Astoria Park Conservancy is a participating non-profit in the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole’s Old Bill’s Fun Run event this fall. Donations made to Astoria during Old Bill’s will be leveraged by co-challengers to make a bigger splash for Jackson’s community hot springs.