The Red Bridge is the main access point to the Snake River Sporting Club and Astoria Hot Springs.

Update: This morning, Astoria Park Conservancy shared that the historic bridge is reopened to all non-commercial vehicles weighing less than six tons. Only one vehicle is permitted on the bridge at once and they urge travelers to be diligent about the rules in place.

HOBACK, Wyo. — Damage from a semi-truck collision at the historic Astoria ‘Red Bridge’ still needs analysis to develop a timeframe for repairs.

The accident, which occurred last Friday affects access to Astoria Hot Springs and the Snake River Sporting Club.

Chief Operating Officer of Snake River Sporting Club, Joe Cranston, explained that crews are still assessing the damage at the bridge. In the meantime, travelers are encouraged to use the Forest Service road via the Hoback Junction.

“As you are aware, the bridge was hit by a truck on Friday, June 4. The damage was significant so we closed the bridge immediately to all traffic based on our local engineering firm’s recommendation. We have been utilizing the Forest Service road via the Hoback Junction South Road for ingress/egress,” said Cranston.

According to the Teton County Road and Levee Department Manager Dave Gustafson, the ‘Red Bridge’ is not a county-owned and operated bridge and is therefore being assessed by private bridge engineers.

“The Wyoming Department of Transportation recommended an engineering firm that specializes in bridge engineering. They spent several hours on the bridge Saturday, June 5, evaluating the integrity of the bridge. They are currently working on a load analysis,” said Cranston.

The map showing the alternate route to Snake River Sporing Club and Astoria Hot Springs. Map: Google

“In the meantime, we will continue to utilize the Forest Service Road via the Hoback Junction South Road. Please be cautious with your speed as there are a number of residents that are concerned with the impact of the extra traffic through their neighborhood. Attached is a map showing the alternate route.”

In order to help manage the traffic within the one-lane portion of the Forest Service Road, the Sporting Club has also ordered lights to illuminate the road.

Todd Seeton, Manager at Astoria Hot Springs, echoed Cranston’s sentiments, urging travelers to drive with caution on the alternate route.

“It’s unfortunate, the bridge is temporarily down, we are using the Forest Service road access, and we are just asking people to be careful when taking that route,” said Seeton.


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