Art is essential to Jackson Hole, and Wildly Creative is proving it

JACKSON, Wyo. — The iconic bucking bronco that adorns the Tram at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and used to adorn Wyoming license plates was created by an artist. And it has transformed people’s experiences of and in Jackson Hole.

Art’s impact is not always obvious, but it is always there. And it is Wildly Creative’s goal is to fortify local art and artists as a pillar of Jackson Hole.

“The arts are synonymous with this community, just like the preservation of land and impeccable athleticism,” said Jennifer Striegel, Marketing & Communications Lead for Dancers’ Workshop and Wildly Creative representative.

Wildly Creative is an arts advocacy campaign funded by the Jackson Hole Travel and Tourism Board. Its mission is to elevate local artists to help them promote their work, and in turn, promote Jackson as a world-class arts destination.

“Wildly Creative is the art part of [the Travel and Tourism Board’s] ‘Stay Wild’ campaign,” Striegel said.

As a campaign, Wildly Creative does not represent or favor any artist or organization. Instead, it provides a platform for artists and organizations of all sizes and disciplines. Through Instagram takeovers, marketing workshops, and other storytelling tools, Wildly Creative’s goal is to help artists tell their stories. In doing so, Wildly Creative helps visitors understand that Jackson’s artists are as essential to its culture as its cowboys and athletes.

“Wildly Creative has been highly valuable to me and my career as an artist and has done a wonderful service to local talent by spreading positivity and inspiration,” said local wildlife artist Shannon Marie Schacht.

Of course, visitation to Jackson has been impacted by a global pandemic and public health concerns. But art is more important than ever, and through it all, artists have not stopped working. Wildly Creative’s mission, then, has only become more important — which is why it is adapting to the times.

“Art is this universal connective tissue,” Striegel said. It brings people together even when they are physically apart. And Jackson’s artists are helping visitors stay connected to this place, even if they cannot visit just yet.

Wildly Creative is preparing to set up a commerce collective for local artists aimed at showing and selling original works. It is also working on a Wildly Creative art fair during the shoulder seasons to draw audiences to Jackson when it is safe. Finally,

Wildly Creative will host live tutorial videos so audiences can get a rare inside look at artists’ processes.

“People have been sharing their processes virtually, which isn’t always common,” Striegel said. “May this unprecedented time be the catalyst to just double down on this opportunity. If [visitors] can be inspired, they will come back to Jackson for more.”

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