Application underway to spruce up Wyoming spaceport

WYOMING The Cowboy State’s National Guard may find themselves the workforce behind renovations to an intergalactic spaceport.

According to a brief by SweetwaterNOW, the City of Green River has unanimously approved an initiative to submit an application for improvements to the Greater Green River Intergalactic Spaceport

If successful, the unattended and undeveloped public use strip would benefit by construction led by Wyoming National Guard to repair its runway surface.

Members of the Airport Advisory Board, the City of Green River Engineering department, and the Mayor’s office identified the runway as an opportunity that would benefit both the National Guard and the community. And, through the Innovative Readiness Training Civilian-Military Partnership Program, the Wyoming National Guard does seek out real-life training opportunities that will benefit local communities.

Opened in 1963, comprising 400 acres, and featuring naught but a windsock, the area received its “intergalactic” moniker thanks to a city council resolution passed in 1994. Resolution R94-23 paved the way for advertisement of the sanctuary to potential inhabitants of Jupiter, which had been struck by a fragmented asteroid that same year.

The astrological event provided mankind’s first direct observation of “extraterrestrial collision of Solar System objects,” and lead ultimately to Wyoming’s own hub for intergalactic travel.


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