Grand Teton National Park - Buckrail
Photo: Sam Livingston

JACKSON, Wyo.— When The McPeak Group isn’t showing properties, they’re giving back to the community, participating in outdoor pursuits and enjoying everything Jackson has to offer.

During this unprecedented time, learn more about The McPeak Group and how they are working to support the Jackson community. This week, get to know Associate Broker, Emily Figenshau:

Q: What brought you to Jackson Hole? Give us the quick version.
A: Legends of the Fall and the promise of meeting Brad Pitt.

Q: After a long day of showing property, what does your ideal summer evening look like?
A: A walk/run, wine, dinner with my family or Betsy Campbell, and then a movie in front of the fireplace or a lounge chair in front of a bonfire…weather dependent!

Q: What is your go-to restaurant when guests come to town and what do you order?
A: Apps at the Grill, Dinner at King Sushi and an after-dinner drink at Local. Or, Hatch for brunch or lunch at the Pines. I’m a foodie…also weather dependent! I like cozy in the winter and outdoor dining in the summer. Hatch has both all the time all day with great wine, excellent glassware, and IPA.

Q: Favorite hike in the summer and ski run in the winter?

A:  I never have time for exercise in the summer so Snow King and ski run…I’ll never tell ;).

Q: Best place in the Park to take kids?
A: String Lake

Q: What is your favorite hidden gem in Jackson Hole? (could be store, restaurant, ranch, place in the park, whatever).
A: It’s hidden. If we become friends and I can trust you, I’ll take you there!

Q: Favorite way to give back to the community.
A: I am a problem-solver. I love being underestimated and being told no. If you give me the details, I’ll find a way to help.

Q: Favorite community event in the Summer?
A: JacksonHoleLive!

Q: Fondest memory in the Tetons?
A: Marrying my husband in front of them. He also took some less than flattering photos of me in front of them right before I gave birth to our son. I am only 5 feet tall and he was 3 weeks early. It wasn’t pretty.

Q: What you’re looking forward to most when the Covid-19 quarantine lifts?
A: Right now, I am secretly enjoying my time at home. I’m spending time with my kids like I never have before. I’m learning to cook, my husband is working on the yard and I literally just stitched my son’s pants for the first time today. He was impressed. I believe the world will be very different when this is over. It is difficult to explain how it will be different but when I am googling the difference between baking powder and baking soda as well as researching perennials vs. annuals, the world is changing. I never thought I would say this but I am entertaining a 4-H component on our property. I am just so grateful in this moment to have a healthy loving wonderful family while living in the most magical place in the world.

I can’t breathe when I think of people struggling. My hat is off to the single working parents and teachers out there. My best friend from college works in health and safety. I am thinking about these things daily while trying to take long thoughtful walks on my own, learning to home school, being a daycare provider, advocating for my clients, and being a kind and loving partner to my husband. I’m also setting the best intentions I can into the universe in the hopes of helping people I don’t know on the other side of the world through positivity and well wishes.

Photo: Sam Livingston